Here at Playboy, we enjoy sexy things and binge watching. Since you’re reading this, we’re assuming you do too. So, to make life easier for us all, we put together this little compendium of all of the sexiest movies and shows arrivng on streaming services this May. Because nothing’s sexier than you slowly becoming one with your couch and living vicariously in the celluloid. Check out this month’s offerings below.

LOVE Gaspar Noe’s 2015 film about the consequences of a misbegotten threesome is so sexy that even some of the posters are NSFW. Seriously. We can’t show them to you, and we’re Playboy.


CHOCOLAT Ah, the year 2000. It was a simpler time. Clinton was still in the White House. Most people still had dial-up. And you could still find Johnny Depp sexy in a very uncomplicated way. Let this charming little film transport you back.


SENSE8 SEASON 2 The first season of this compelling sci-fi series featured, among other hotness, a polysexual orgy. What must-watch moments will Season 2 hold?

(Netflix, May 5)

MASTER OF NONE, SEASON 2 Aziz Ansari and friends are back for another season of misadventures in professional and romantic life. It may not be sexy but at least a few moments will definitely be suer comedically awkward. That’s basically the same thing, right?

(Netflix, May 12)

RIVERDALE, SEASON 1 The Archie Comics-based drama that launched a thousand ‘ships has arrived for your binge-watching pleasure. See what the #teens are into!

(Netflix, May 18)

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, SEASON 3 Titus Andromedon “Lemonade-ing” is sexy as hell, as is Kimmy’s realization that people sometimes do naughty things with their thumbs.

(Netflix, May 19)

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Southern, Nazi-killin’ Brad Pitt is the sexiest Brad Pitt.

(Netflix, May 22)

A VIEW TO A KILL Grace Jones is not only sexy, but also one of the few Bond girls who could legit choke you out. Also look out for Dr. No (Connery in his prime and the divine Ursula Andress) and Moonraker (AKA Jaws Falls in Lve with a Space Lady).

(Amazon Prime and Hulu)

THE NAKED GUN TRILOGY Because Leslie Nielsen is just as sexy as Roger Moore ever was, right? Right?

(Amazon Prime and Hulu)

A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS He may be a grizzled old dude who talks to chairs now but Clint Eastwood in the 1960s was a fine-lookin’ man. Even in a poncho.

(Amazon Prime and Hulu, May 4)

MANCHESTER BY THE SEA Nothing says sexy like Casey Affleck ugly crying.

JACKIE BROWN Three words: Pam. Grier. Comeback.

(Amazon Prime, May 7)

TWIN PEAKS SEASON 3 The beloved cult series, already plenty sexy the first time around, returns with an even bigger cast.

(Amazon Prime, May 21)

CHRIS GETHARD: CAREER SUICIDE Chris Gethard tells stories that are so magnificently awkward that they come back around to being sexy. Maybe. Anyway, he’s hilarious.

(HBO Now, May 6)