A good video can completely save a mediocre song. There are tracks that you would have never given a second thought if they weren’t connected to an unforgettable video. You could try to be innovative like OK GO, or you could take the other route, which is to make your video as sexy as possible. It’s a proven method that has worked for decades, and here’s the proof. Here are the 40 sexiest music videos of all time.

40. Aerosmith — “Crazy”

Sure it was a little creepy that Steven Tyler was singing about a wild, sexy girl while his daughter was in the video. Ok it was really creepy. Nonetheless, that video gave a lot of teenage boys in the 90s quite a few confusing feelings.

39. Mariah Carey — “Honey”

This was the video when Mariah Carey transformed from that girl with the perm covering Jackson 5 tracks to a full on sex symbol. Plus it really helps that it’s pre-Nick Cannon.

38. Paula Abdul — “Cold-Hearted”

Paula Abdul had the sex appeal along with the dance abilities that very few could rival. There aren’t any strippers standing under waterfalls, but the choreography in this video is definitely the sexiest of her career.

37. Pussycat Dolls — “Buttons”

Somehow Snoop Dogg always finds a way to be involved in these sexy videos. He watches as the Pussycat Dolls wallow and strip down in front of wind machines. God bless you, Snoop. You are truly living the dream.

36. Nicki Minaj — “Anaconda”

I don’t ever want to hear the song again, but you have to give credit to Nicki Minaj for making Drake look so sad after getting a lapdance. Plus a sea of twerking butts isn’t bad either.

35. Nelly — “Hot in Herre”

When the chorus of a song is just Nelly talking about the increasing temperature and how everyone should remove articles of clothing accordingly, you know the video is going to be great.

34. Prince — “Kiss”

If anyone else did a video like this — and because Prince is Prince, it’s not embeddable — it would be the most ridiculous thing you’d ever seen, but it’s Prince so it totally works. He could record himself shopping for yogurt and it would make a sexiest video list.

33. Usher — “Nice & Slow”

There are probably a few Usher videos a little sexier than this one, but this was the one that put him on the map as a bumping and grinding R&B superstar. Bringing Kimora Lee Simmons into the mix definitely didn’t hurt.

32. Justin Timberlake — “What Goes Around”

Once JT broke off from N’Sync it’s safe to say that he brought…sexy back. Was it gone? Who knows, but he definitely found it in this 2006 video that features Scarlett Johansson.

31. Rihanna — “S&M”

You could really take your pick of Rihanna videos for the sexiest, but the subject matter of S&M was so extreme the video ended up being red flagged on YouTube. Of course that just made people want to see it even more as it became one of her most popular videos of her career.

30. Jennifer Lopez — “I’m Glad”

J-Lo takes on Flashdance and boy does she take the sexiness up a few notches. I nominate 2002 J-Lo to recreate every sexy movie scene that involves a leotard. I don’t think anyone would mind.

29. Katy Perry — “California Gurls”

Katy Perry doesn’t dress like a nerd in this one. Instead, she put on a pink wig and lay naked on a bed of clouds. Whoever came up with that idea deserves all of the awards.

28. Queen — “Body Language”

It wasn’t one of Queen’s monster hits, but it was the first video to get banned by MTV. Nowadays it probably wouldn’t be considered that controversial, but at the time it was pushing lines that had rarely been pushed.

27. Beyonce — “Naughty Girl”

Before Beyonce became an untouchable goddess ruling us all atop of a mountain made of the tears of Destiny’s other Children, she put out this sexy video that doesn’t feature Jay-Z, but features a lot more mirrors.

26. N.E.R.D. — “Lapdance”

There was a time before Pharrell was doing pop hits on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack — and his group N.E.R.D. was proclaiming their love of strip clubs with this video that you definitely should not watch with your parents.

25. Lady Gaga — “Alejandro”

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that her videos are oddly hot. Alejandro feels like some sort of orgy in space, but with Lady Gaga that’s a little more than par for the course.

24. Warrant — “Cherry Pie”

Bobbie Brown (the model, not the prerogative guy) keeps getting sprayed with a water hose while dancing around. Why isn’t that the description for more things?

23. Whitesnake — “Here I Go Again”

Tawny Kitaen writhing in this video was responsible for more children being made than every Valentine’s Day combined. That’s not an exact statistic, but it’s probably close.

22. Miley Cyrus — “Wrecking Ball”

She’s definitely not Hannah Montana anymore and it was never more apparent than in this video that saw her swinging around naked on construction equipment and licking sledgehammers. This party in the USA just got a bit more R rated.

21. Bruno Mars — “Gorilla”

This one has it all; a ridiculously hot stripper, flaming guitars, and Bruno Mars singing a way too confident song about his sexual abilities.

20. T.A.T.U. — “All The Things She Said”

T.A.T.U. made the most of being a one hit wonder with a highly talked about performance at the MTV Music Awards and one of the most explicit lesbian videos of all time. Unfortunately they weren’t actually gay so it felt a little cheaper, but it’s still an amazing and daring video.

19. Prince — “Insatiable”

Do you think Prince even realizes when he’s having sex anymore? Does he just look down and say, “Oh wow I’m having sex right now. Great.” “Insatiable” definitely wasn’t his most famous song or video, but it pretty much summed up his absurd amount of sexuality.

18. George Michael — “I Want Your Sex”

I don’t know what was better; George Michael and Kathy Jeung getting all up on each other through the whole video or when Casey Kasem was forced to say “I want your sex” during his weekly countdown.

17. Shakira — “She Wolf”

If there were a channel that was nothing but Shakira jerking and shaking 24 hours a day it would be the highest rated channel in the history of television.

16. Britney Spears — “Womanizer”

Um, Britney Spears is lying naked and sweaty in a sauna during her absolute prime. She could have been humming the phone book and it would’ve been a hit.

15. Van Halen — “Hot For Teacher”

I don’t know if you could still get away with singing a song about wanting to bang your teacher, but I’m fairly certain we all wanted to attend whatever school it was that David Lee Roth was raving about.

14. Robin Thicke — “Blurred Lines”

To say it was controversial is an understatement, but when Robin Thicke and Pharrell combined topless models with a stray goat it became the most talked about music video of the year by far.

13. Lit — “Miserable”

Rock bands, take note: If you can get Pamela Anderson in a bikini running around your music video, there’s not much else you need to do.

12. Madonna — “Justify My Love”

MTV banned the video because of how sexual it was, which meant everyone wanted to see it even more. This was before YouTube so the only way to see it was on the VHS single. The controversy definitely helped because it went on to be the highest selling video single ever.

11. Robert Palmer — “Addicted to Love”

Robert Palmer’s androgynous pop hit was so far ahead of its time. It’s one of the most defining videos of the decade and still comes off so sleek and sexy.

10. Benny Benassi — “Satisfaction”

I’m still not 100 percent sure what’s going on in this video but when you combine Victoria’s Secret models with power tools you tend to let a few continuity errors slide.

9. Motley Crue — “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Motley Crue made a video about hanging out at the strip club and watching hot girls dance. The work of a rock star is a truly grueling task, isn’t it? I know you’re not going to believe this, but MTV banned the original version of the video.

8. Christina Aguliera — “Dirrty”

Christina went from “Genie in a Bottle” to stripper simulating a handie on a water hose. The Mickey Mouse Club probably doesn’t show that one in their alumni videos.

7. Britney Spears — “Slave 4 U”

There’s a reason Britney Spears is still one of the biggest stars in the world after years of meltdowns; she knew how to take sexy to another level. That was never more apparent than in her “Slave 4 U” video. My goodness.

6. Eric Prydz — “Call on Me”

Is this what happens at the gym? Am I really missing out on all of this? I’ll sign up for a membership right now, I swear.

5. D'Angelo — “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

What a simple yet effective idea for a video. D’Angelo simply got naked and sang his song while keeping his crotch just out of view. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, you always feel like he’s going to take one more step back and reveal The Angelo.

4. White Stripes — “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”

Sofia Coppola directed this video and decided the best direction to go was to have Kate Moss pole dance. Who am I to argue with an award-winning director?

3. Chris Isaak — “Wicked Game”

Every time this video played, you felt like you should lock the doors just in case someone walked in and had some questions. Helena Christensen and Chris Isaak get down black and white style and it works on absolutely every level.

2. Duran Duran — “Girls on Film”

The video was so controversial that, for a while, it was only available on pay-per-view. Eventually MTV started running a very, very edited version, but the original is absolutely wild. There’s mud-wrestling, ice being rubbed on nipples, and even a little sumo wrestling for some reason.

1. Fiona Apple — “Criminal”

Fiona Apple’s video wasn’t full of nudity or sex, but it was so stylized and gritty you couldn’t let yourself look away. Not only does it still hold up as a song, it’s still the sexiest video anyone has made and proves that raunchy doesn’t always equal sexy.