The summer is ending and that means just one thing: You need all the heat on your streaming services that you can find — which makes the fact that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Go are stepping up their sexiness this month all the better. (And no, I’m not talking about Hulu bringing on the TGIF line-up, although if that’s your thing, I’m not going to kink shame.) There’s something for almost everyone this month: S&M hijinks! Classic indie sexiness! Patrick Swayze lifting people up while music plays loudly in the background! If you can’t find at least one moment of sex in the list below, then I think it’s time to accept that maybe you just don’t even know what sexiness is — in which case, why are you even reading Playboy?

September 1, Hulu
While there is, of course, nothing sexy to all but a chosen few when it comes to Danny DeVito’s Penguin, Batman Returns remains the sexiest Batman movie by miles thanks to the presence of Michelle Pfeiffer’s drop-dead sex bomb version of Catwoman. Bondage gear and mental instability? Sign me all the way up.

September 1, Hulu
This supposed romance flick about two kids growing up and finding love after being shipwrecked in a tropical paradise was the movie that set a generation’s pulses racing thanks to the presence of the underage Brooke Shields, who had to testify before Congress that body doubles were used when it came to the nude scenes. Hollywood, you made it even weirder. Good job.

September 1, Amazon Prime
How many people had the time of their lives fantasizing about being either Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey when it came to role-playing the forbidden romance between the hunky dance instructor and his newest student? Just remember: Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Maybe they should; she’s just 17 years old, perverts.

September 1, Netflix
While we’re talking about generational milestones, Uma Thurman might have had better roles than Mia in Quentin Tarantino’s career-defining movie, but it’s unlikely that any of them have featured in quite so many fantasies for a world full of adolescents in the early 1990s. (There’s also that thing about burgers and assassins and stuff, sure.)

September 1, Amazon Prime
I have no idea why Amazon is adding a collection of early 1970s “sexy horror” movies to its catalog this month. But the fact that movies with titles like Virgin Among The Living Dead — also I referred to my high school experience — and Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (Tagline: “Sex Kittens who stop at nothing!” No, I swear that’s true) are there to stream whenever you want is surely the sexiest news of the month.

September 1, Hulu
Of course, when we’re talking about sexiness, does it come any sexier than Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader in the dry run for 50 Shades of Grey? The answer is no, and that’s not just because we get to see the always-wonderful Jeremy Davies as the disappointing vanilla boyfriend along the way.

September 1, HBO Go
Whether you’re a Samantha, Charlotte or someone who thinks they’re Big but let’s be honest anyone who thinks that definitely isn’t, there’s more than the usual amount of Sex in this extended version of the first movie based on the cult TV series. We’re far enough away from this series now to admit that Miranda was, by far, the best of them all, right…?

September 1, Netflix
Ahead of November’s debut of the TV version, Spike Lee’s debut feature reappears via Netflix, reminding the world what made him so great to begin with, and teaching a new generation what it was like to be black, female and horny back in the mid-1980s. Can the new series measure up? Who knows, but for now, revisit some classic cinema without expectation or fear.

September 1, Hulu
Everyone knows about Spring Break and just how sexy it can be, but how many people know the history of the temporary party lifestyle in Florida? This Showtime documentary intends to increase that number significantly, and if it has to do so with the promise of footage of drunk young things, it’s perfectly okay with that.

September 6, Netflix
On the face of it, a drama (starring Nathan Lane and Gabriel Byrne) about a woman who doesn’t want to leave her apartment doesn’t immediately sound like a particularly sexy movie. But just keep watching: not only will Bel Powley’s performance as the eponymous lead character win you over, you might understand why the movie makes this list, too.

September 12, Hulu
Proving once again that there’s more to James McAvoy than putting his fingers to his head and pretending he can read minds in the X-Men movies, he’s on top form in this adaptation of an Irvine (Trainspotting) Welsh novel about a corrupt cop who can’t quite bring himself to give up his hedonistic lifestyle. Soon, you too will wish you theoretically stopped crime in Edinburgh, and it’s not often anyone thinks that. Even the actual cops in Edinburgh.

September 19, Hulu, Amazon Prime
Hey — let’s rap for a moment. What is sexy, anyway? Take a break from the media’s version of what gets you off to check out this documentary about body image and societal pressures, if only to realize that there are a lot more people you’re into than you might previously have thought. Spread the love, dear reader.

September 20, Netflix
If the phrase “romance between Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara” isn’t enough to get you to watch this 2015 period drama, then I don’t know what to tell you. Oh, no, wait; I do — the rest of the cast includes American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson, Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler, and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein. What else could you want?