Sentimental or not, a big reason why so many of us get tattoos is because they look badass. Let’s get real here. I have many, most of which have little sentimental value aside from the fact they might reveal I like food a little too much.

I’m not kidding when I say a good 80 percent of my tats are illustrated images of junk food. The items permanently etched on my skin include: a cheeseburger, a slice of pizza, macaroni and cheese, a donut, a cup of coffee and a classic breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and buttery toast. I’m basically a walking diner.

But, suffice it to say, the allure of tattoos far exceed my own poor choices. In fact, almost one-third of Americans have at least one tattoo. Of that number, 70 percent boast two or more. But still, the question remains: where on the body is a tattoo sexiest?

A new study commissioned by Zensa, a numbing cream I couldn’t care less about, has revealed the answer to this very question. And, judging by the volume of tats most of us see roaming around hispter haunts, our decisions are fairly reflective of what most people find sexy.

After asking 1,000 people to rate the attractiveness of a tattoo’s placement on a scale of one to five, the most attractive area for a man to get inked is his upper arm (3.8), followed by upper back (3.5), shoulder (3.4), lower arm (3.4) and rib cage (3.1).

For women, there was a three-way tie between her shoulder, her upper back and hips (3.3). These were followed by her lower back, colloquially known as a “tramp stamp" (3.3) and upper arm (3.2). Everybody agreed the worst tattoo is the “Tyson” or the always-regrettable face tat. As one might assume, most people prefer tats that can be covered when in a professional environment, presumably because that would mean they’re gainfully employed. Or just regularly employed.

When it comes to which tattoo style the sexes prefer, ladies and gents ranked their scores more or less the same. In first came illustrative, followed by Japanese, abstract, watercolor, celtic, then American Traditional. The least favored? Surrealism, which, based on my understanding, are the kind of metaphorical tattoos that require an explanation that rarely aid in a better understanding.

As for what makes a tattoo attractive, again, men and women’s perspectives proved starkly similar. In the lead came the tattoo’s artistry (men: 43 percent, women: 50 percent), location (men: 27 percent, women: 16 percent), style (men: 15 percent, women: 16 percent), the message or meaning (men: eight percent, women: 12 percent) and finally, the size or quantity (men: seven percent, women: six percent).

Tattoo lover or not, you can’t fight science. Research published in Personality and Individual Differences found that men with tattoos were regarded as more attractive overall. So no matter where you get inked, you’re going to be a hotter person for it, within reason, of course. Actually, I take that back. I don’t want to be held responsible for whatever you’ve decided to get tattooed on your body. Just know that women like arm tattoos from a talented artist, so don’t cheap out on a chump.