A couple years ago, it felt like Shakira was beyond an A-lister and was one of the biggest stars on the planet. She was doing the theme song for the World Cup tournament, she was a judge/coach on NBC’s The Voice, and her hips were absolutely telling the truth. In fact, check out this map of countries with a lesser population than Shakira’s likes on Facebook:

She was THAT popular! But it seems as though she’s escaped the public eye as of late. She hasn’t made any headlines or released much new music, therefore I did a bit of digging to find where Shakira is hiding (by ‘digging’, I mean I checked her Instagram page). Turns out the singer just had a baby! That explains it. I also found, while doing my research, that Shakira has one HOT Instagram page. Check it out!

#TBT the making of a selfie #LosAngeles - Así se hizo un selfie ShakHQ

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Shoot for @VanityFair in September 2009 / Foto para la revista Vanity Fair - Septiembre 2009 ShakHQ #TBT

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Come back soon, Shakira. We miss you!