Guitar Hero Live already let you play along to music videos and with real bands in eerie first-person videos. Now it lets you play along to tons of random people lip-syncing too.

The game just added a new music video for Ed Sheeran’s song “Sing,” except instead of Sheeran singing, it’s composed completely of clips of folks from the internet—more than 150 of them. The video is the result of a lip-sync contest run by Guitar Hero Live publisher Activision and the app, with fans recording videos of themselves on the app for the contest. A huge compilation of the best entries, out of what’s analytics say was more than 100,000 videos, was created for Guitar Hero players to jam along with on their plastic guitars.

Among the lip-syncers featured in the video are basketball stars Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen Curry, sports broadcaster Erin Andrews, and Vine star King Bach. There are also a ton of randos, many of whom bring some pretty big lip sync game to the video to make it one of the more entertaining ones to play. Shaq’s performance in particular might not be quite as good as this gif, but it’s pretty great.