In a new video from National Geographic, a team discovers sharks inside Kavachi, an underwater volcano that’s 66 feet below the Pacific Ocean’s surface. While the crew was excited to explore the volcano, by way of an 80-pound underwater camera, they recognized the natural danger.

“Absolutely we were scared,” explains ocean engineer Brennan Phillips in video. “Kavachi is usually erupting and spewing, like, hot lava and ash.”

Their main focus was to learn about the volcano itself. Observing possible sea life is kind of just a really cool bonus. However, the discovery of relatively large animals changes things up a bit, as how could they be living in there if, as they assumed, Kavachi is always erupting?

“They could die at any moment,” says Phillips. “It brings up lots of questions. Do they leave? Do they have some sort of sign that it’s about to erupt? Do they blow up sky high in little bits?”

The more important question is, does this underwater volcano somehow make the sharks more powerful? Because we 100% don’t need that. Sharks are already (beautiful) warlords of the sea.