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“It’s so sexy when a guy walks onto a dance floor with confidence. You don’t need to have the best moves or be in the middle of a break-dance circle to impress a woman. Just get up with confidence and groove with her—even if it’s only your arm around her waist. I always say a dance partnership is like a marriage: It teaches you the art of patience and tells a story. Every one of my partners has taught me something, from Noah Galloway, a double-amputee Army vet who redefined what dancing means to me, to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown, who turned me into a Steelers girl for life. I love making people feel an emotion—especially now, when so many horrible things are happening to good people. Dance is freedom of expression. It’s about whatever you’re feeling in the moment. And as long as you get out there and own it, girls will fall in love.”

Choreographer Sharna Burgess competes on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars this fall.