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Sheila E.: A Lover AND An Amazing Drummer

Sheila E.: A Lover AND An Amazing Drummer:

Since the recent release of Sheila E.’s autobiographical The Beat of My Own Drum: A Memoir — in which the Prince protégé details her entanglements with the aforementioned Purple One, Santana, and others — there has been a fair amount of hubbub over E.’s romantic life. E. recently told The Associated Press that she was surprised that more people gawked over her relationship with Prince than her engagement to equally iconic (well, nearly) guitarist Santana.

Sure, Prince put her on — professionally, as well as… whatever. But let us not forget why the legendary drummer is, in fact, legendary. I could have gone with “The Glamorous Life” video. But, I love the following circa 2011 clip not just because it showcases Sheila E.’s dynamic percussion and showmanship – drumming in heels! – but because it took place on Letterman’s Late Show during “Drum Solo Week.” (Again, Dave, you will be missed.)

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