Pikachu is a great many things. He’s a mouse who can generate electric shocks. He’s a brawler. He’s best friends with the boy who enslaved him. And now he’s a detective—a famous detective.

Nintendo just announced a Japan-only game starring the super-cute yellow Pokemon, dubbed Famous Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Partnership, according to a translation from Engadget. It’s reportedly a “cinematic adventure game,” and Pikachu is a “smug” and “wise-cracking” detective—so like Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, but instead of Eddie Murphy it’s a super-cute yellow mouse-thing with a little detective hat and the voice of an adult Japanese man. Hopefully his captain is constantly warning him about blowing up cars and zapping suspects.

Pikalock Holmes (Sherkachu Holmes?) hits the Nintendo 3DS in Japan for about $12.50 in February. There’s no word on whether it’ll come stateside (or reach 221B Baker Street), but one can hope. One can always hope.