There’s smart, and then there’s nerd smart. Author and entrepreneur Shed Simove is the latter. That’s because the app designer created Shinder, a Tinder knock-off dating app that, while on the surface looks pretty straightforward, hides one big secret: He’s the only available dude on the entire app.

The app’s tagline is appropriate, too: “Quality, not quantity”. Quantity of one, indeed. As for his quality, he’s a pretty clever guy who isn’t new to pulling a fast one. In fact, he is also responsible for What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex, a 200-page book he self-published that’s full of nothing but blank pages. He also published Fifty Shades of Gray, which contained two hundred pages of gradual shades of… yeah, gray.

The app is very real, by the way - this isn’t some joke that you can’t go and download. When you download it (it’s dubbed “Tinder with a Twist”), you’re presented with Shed’s profile. Swipe left, and you’re out of men to choose (at which point you’ll be invited to join his mailing list where he will anoint you with marketing emails for his books and other products). Swipe right and, well, based on the publicity he’s getting for this, get in line.

If you’re a dude, you’ll be let down with this: “Sorry, Shed is currently a full blown heterosexual, but keep in touch.” As for whether or not the “full-blown” phrase is meant to be funny, my 12 year-old self is choosing to say “yes”.

As for Shed’s final word on the whole thing, he simply told The Mirror, “I’m now a big fish in my own pond.”