While today’s Apple event was a little underwhelming—to put it mildly—there are a few tangible improvements to the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus worthy of moderate excitement. As anticipated, both phones look and feel almost exactly the same as their predecessors. But some major updates to the camera, design and screen functionality still make an upgrade seem fairly attractive.

  1. 3D TOUCH
    Apple wants you to know that soon, in addition to tapping, scrolling, swiping and pinching, you’ll be able to “peek” and “pop” with your fingers as you navigate different apps. What this actually means is that the phone will be able to detect the force you apply on the screen, adding a layer of interaction to the experience.

    It’s like right-clicking, but with fresher verbiage.

    Both of the new iPhone models—the 4.7-inch 6S and the monster 5.5-inch 6S Plus—come equipped with a way fancier camera than the current models. This is the first camera megapixel count upgrade since the iPhone 4S in 2011. It’s long been said that Apple was wary of adding pixels because it would lead to noisier images, but they’ve promised new technology like ‘deep-trench isolation,’ which will enhance the sensor and give your photos improved color accuracy, less noise and better performance with poor lighting. More big numbers were bandied about: The new phones will record 4K video, which means 8-million pixels per frame. All you need to know is that’s a lot more pixels than before.

    This new feature means that when you take a photo on a 6S or 6S Plus, you’ll also be capturing 1.5 seconds of video on either end of the shutter. Using the new “force touch” feature, you’ll be able to press on an image in your library and it’ll come to life. It’s pretty much a gif.

    Even the best of us have experienced shattered dreams and shattered iPhone screens. The good news is that there will likely be less of the latter if Apple delivers on its promise of a newer, tougher glass covering the screen.

    Also known as “pink.”

Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program allows devotees to get the new iPhone each fall without breaking the bank—or a two-year carrier contract. Apple is in control of the experience: Customers buy an unlocked phone directly from the company that can then be used with various carriers. (You pay Apple over time instead of the phone company). A 24-month installment plan, which gets you the base level 16GB iPhone 6S, starts at $32 per month. So it’s only really worth it if you’re someone who feels they need a new iPhone annually.

Discerning tech geeks have been quick to point out that you should definitely think twice before buying a 16GB model of either phone. That amount of storage space is laughably ill-equipped for the phone’s fancy new features.

Pre-order starts Saturday, September 12.