The story of Halo 5: Guardians looks to be going in some very different directions from previous entries into the franchise, and that’s required some different thinking from developer 343 Studios.

That’s according to a new vidoc 343 revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 last weekend, and which runs down key elements from what players can expect from the next Halo title. The game is about both mainstay series protagonist Master Chief and his team, and another SPARTAN team that’s hunting them, led by a new playable character called Locke.

The Halo Comic-Con panel also saw the debut of the first trailer for the upcoming Halo animated series, Fall of Reach:

It’s yet another re-telling of a story that was already told in a game (Halo: Fall of Reach) and a tie-in novel (The Fall of Reach). Apparently Microsoft really likes the tale of how everyone on this one particular planet got killed by aliens. That’s not to say it will be bad—just that long-time fans already know it intimately.

Halo 5 arrives October 27 on Xbox One.