We’ve already introduced you to one of Sports Illustrated’s Rookies for the upcoming Swimsuit issue. Now it’s time for you to meet another one. Her name’s Solveig and she’s a 19-year-old Danish model. She only goes by the one name professionally, because when someone’s this good looking last names are pretty irrelevant.

She’s also a nerd. Here’s what she told SI:

“I’m a big nerd. Huge. I was crazy about school. I read a billion books; I’m into fantasy and sci-fi and all that. When I turned 11 I started reading books in English and never wanted to read anything else. I love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but the first big book I ever read was Harry Potter. I kept waiting for that letter from Hogwarts, hoping it would show up one day. My mom and I are even going to ​Harry Potter World soon.”

Not in love with her yet? Here’s some pictures from her Instagram account that should win any man over:

If you need anymore convincing, here’s some video of her as well. And even if you don’t need convincing, you should still probably watch it:

How long’s the flight to Denmark?