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Meet SI’s 19-Year-Old Swimsuit Rookie Solveig

Meet SI’s 19-Year-Old Swimsuit Rookie Solveig: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

We’ve already introduced you to one of Sports Illustrated’s Rookies for the upcoming Swimsuit issue. Now it’s time for you to meet another one. Her name’s Solveig and she’s a 19-year-old Danish model. She only goes by the one name professionally, because when someone’s this good looking last names are pretty irrelevant.

She’s also a nerd. Here’s what she told SI:

“I’m a big nerd. Huge. I was crazy about school. I read a billion books; I’m into fantasy and sci-fi and all that. When I turned 11 I started reading books in English and never wanted to read anything else. I love Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but the first big book I ever read was Harry Potter. I kept waiting for that letter from Hogwarts, hoping it would show up one day. My mom and I are even going to ​Harry Potter World soon.”

Not in love with her yet? Here’s some pictures from her Instagram account that should win any man over:


If you need anymore convincing, here’s some video of her as well. And even if you don’t need convincing, you should still probably watch it:

How long’s the flight to Denmark?

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