You haven’t really made it until you’ve worked with Sia. So despite Julianne Moore’s Oscar and Zoe Saldana’s involvement in some of the highest grossing films of all time, the two actresses can finally say they’ve arrived. That’s because both star in the music video for Sia’s new song “Free Me,” which was written and recorded in support of the #endHIV Campaign.

Moore narrates the emotional clip, which stars Saldana as an expectant mother who discovers that she’s HIV positive. Sia enlisted the talents of her frequent collaborator, choreographer Ryan Heffington, who helped Saldana channel the otherworldliness that helped turn Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler into a household name.

The riveting visuals are only strengthened by Sia’s powerhouse vocals, as she sings “Free me from the shame I am running from/ I am lost and I am calling.“ The singer tweeted that all proceeds or the song will help support researcher for a new vaccine aimed at curing HIV.

Sia’s relationship to the disease is a personal one, after her manager David Russell came out as HIV positive last year.

“I have been living with HIV for nearly 15 years, and while most everyone who knows and loves me has known forever I thought it was important – at 40, in 2016, in the wake of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and so much stigma and misinformation – to come out publicly about my status,” he said at the time.

Negative attitudes towards people living with HIV has subsided in recent years, thanks to proactive efforts by organizations like UNAIDS and the Elton John Aids Foundation, as well as public figures like Magic Johnson and now Sia.

To learn more about the singer’s work with the Abzyme Research Foundation, click here. Watch the video below.