No one in the history of flying coach has ever slept comfortably on an airplane. The stiff seats, lack of legroom and noisy neighbors make it impossible to have a sustained snooze en route to your destination. But now a mattress company is aiming to change that—and if this dramatic sci-fi movie trailer is any indication, their new innovation could transform the future of air travel.

The creepy soundtrack and “Five layers of comfort! 2,500 canonical pocket springs!” got me so hyped that I expected “Michael Fassbender! Katherine Waterston!” to flash across the screen. Alas, this is merely a teaser for the Simba Air-Hybrid, and not another preview for the upcoming Alien: Covenant. Still, an airline seat that lets you experience zero gravity while flying is pretty dope, too.

According to Travel+Leisure, the seat, which is made with responsive memory foam just like a mattress, “closely simulates weightlessness, which eases pressure on the back and spine whilst dissolving strain from the extremities.” You can sit upright in the seat if you’re awake, and recline with “gentle automatic adjustments” when you want to hit the hay.

Now for the womp womp: This is just a prototype, so until airlines get on Simba’s level, you’re stuck with your sad little neck pillow. Still, a guy can dream … just probably not during a flight.