J.K. Simmons is an insanely good actor. That’s a given. The dude can play anything, from harsh to goofy. One of his most notable roles was J. Jonah Jameson, Marvel’s smug and fast-talking Daily Bugle owner. Now, Simmons will hit the silver screen on behalf of the DC Universe, playing Batman’s trusted associate, Commissioner James Gordon.

The role’s been filled in theaters by Pat Hingle as more of a side character and Gary Oldman as the heartbreakingly hopeful and exhausted commissioner. But Simmons could bring a great (new) angle to the character, as he’s pretty damn ready to explore the character, according to an interview with Collider.

Well, to read the comics, yes, absolutely. I’m still a couple of months out from doing that and I have two other films before then, so I haven’t gotten started on that. Obviously, a lot of really wonderful actors have played that character previously, and most of them I saw at the time the movies came out, never imagining that I would be doing the same thing. So, I can’t say that I don’t have some impression of that character in my head that’s based on what I saw, but I’m not planning on going back and watching any of the other films. I’m just planning on learning as much as I can about him through the comics and getting my feet wet in the first movie, and then hopefully continuing on from there.

Simmons has ventured into the DCU before, as General Wade Eiling in Justice League Unlimited. But such a veteran actor, with his gravitas and can-you-believe-this philosophy of crime blossoming in Gotham and the city limits beyond, could destroy the role. And now he’s reading all the comics? You guys, this is going to be so rad.