One of the most popular things on the internet are life hacks. You can find amazing ways to accomplish the most frustrating of tasks or repair items that seem completely broken. It’s a great way to solve life’s problems. Instead of showing you how to make a bird’s nest out of old Skoal cans, we decided to give you 20 mind-blowing life hack hacks that are sure to melt your brain. Enjoy!

  1. Are you out of dish washing detergent, but you have a sink full of dirty dishes? There’s a sleek, new remedy to this common problem; go to CVS and buy some more detergent. It’s like $2.

  2. Have you noticed a few, new wrinkles on your face? What do you do in this situation? How about realizing this is how time works. You aren’t going to look 20 when you’re 55. That’s creepy and completely insane. Accept the process of life instead of butchering your face and looking like one of the puppets on Dark Crystal.

  3. Stuck on a long road trip with no wi-fi or cell phone service? Here’s a hack that will surely shock you. Try talking to the person in the car with you or looking out the window at the majestic wonders of the world. Who knew!

  4. Let’s say you have a first date coming up and you’re extremely nervous about it. Is there a life hack for that? You’d better believe it. Just realize we’re all tiny specks on a planet that is such a small part of the galaxy, if we exploded, it would barely make a puff of smoke. So what if she doesn’t like your hair. We’re all dying!

  5. You just moved into a nice, new apartment only to realize one of the vanity lights in your bathroom isn’t as bright as the others. How do you fix this travesty? Take a second to consider how many people in the world have to hike for miles to get water that won’t kill them if they drink it. Now your stupid light doesn’t seem that important, does it? Life officially hacked!

  6. Have you noticed you can’t afford most things in life? A cool trick that many people don’t realize is this: go get a job. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can bring in by simply working 8 hours per day.

  7. Let’s say you’re trying to cook pasta, but the noodles keep sticking together. Is there some way to correct this? Of course! Don’t cook pasta anymore. Just eat something that you don’t suck at cooking or go to Wendy’s and get a Baconator.

  8. Sometimes we can be involved in physical activity and feel a sudden, sharp pain. Are you having a heart attack? Is your chest caving in? What’s a hip, cool hack to get you out of this situation? Try calling 911. You’re having a freaking heart attack, dude. Stop trying to be cheap because your heart is about to stop working.

  9. An empty Capri Sun package can also be used as a spoon. You know what else can be used as a spoon? An actual spoon.

  10. Ever get a letter in the mail that requires a response but didn’t include a return envelope? Have you ever wished there was some sort of life hack to use their envelope to mail back your letter? What’s wrong with you? Just go to the post office or almost any store and buy 100 envelopes for like $3. Sometimes you can just ask the lady at the post office for an envelope and she’ll give you one. HACKED!

  11. Do you suspect one of your friends might be upset with you? There’s a handy life hack just for this situation. Go talk to them instead of surveying everyone you know and asking if they have an opinion on it. You’ll save yourself hours of grief and frustration.

  12. Do you want to make money but you don’t want to work? Try out this life hack the powers that be don’t want you to know: beg for money. Just get a cardboard sign and write something unfortunate on it, then stand in front of a busy area and ask people to give you money. You did it!

  13. This one is for the teens! There’s a cool life hack to get back at those bullies that make fun of you for being smart. Simply keep doing what you do and wait about 6-8 years. By that time you’ll be in a successful career and they’ll be working at their dad’s gas station. Drive up in your nice car and make him check all the fluid levels. It’s a long hack, but well worth it.

  14. You ever notice your hair looks a little shaggy and want to clean it up yourself? Why on earth would you do that? Here’s a life hack for you; go to a barber. You have no idea how to cut your hair and if you do it you’re going to look like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber. Pay the $13 so you don’t look like you eat crayons.

  15. Do you have piles and piles of old newspapers and magazines all over your house? A cool life hack you can try is to take them to a recycling center and get them out of your house. You’re on the line of becoming a hoarder. Get rid of them before you start naming rats and justifying black mold.

  16. Are you noticing your drinks are getting warm way too quickly? Get ready for a life hack that will blow your mind! You know that liquid that comes out of the faucet in your sink? That’s water. You can put it in your freezer and it will become ice. Boom! You’ve created a substance that will keep your drinks chilled all by yourself. Wow!

Rob is a writer and comedian based in Louisville, KY. Follow @robfee on Twitter.