The worlds of hip-hop and The Simpsons have been crossing paths for a long time now. One example is Gucci Mane infamously trying to make his Bart chain smoke weed during the height of his lean belly days. Another is when Bart impresses Simpsons-verse rapper Alcatraaaz in an episode that also features actual-universe rapper 50 Cent. But a true hip-hop special episode for The Simpsons is new ground, and as the trailer indicates, audiences are in for a lot of rap star-power. Common, The RZA and Snoop D-O double G himself are set to appear in the episode as Simpsonized versions of themselves. The plot also appears to be a satire of popular TV series Empire, complete with a Taraji P. Henson role.

Entitled ”The Great Phatsby,” the special is set to air this Sunday on Fox.