Six years ago, The Simpsons set a record. It passed Gunsmoke to become the longest-running scripted prime time TV series ever, and every season since has just padded that stat. The show’s now nearing the end of its 26th season, which means it’s been around longer than twentysomethings who are experiencing their first car rentals right about now, and it’s not done yet.

According to Entertainment Weekly, FOX just renewed The Simpsons for not one, but two more seasons, ensuring that we’ll be visiting Springfield at least through the spring of 2017. At the moment, it would take you nearly two weeks to watch every single Simpsons episode back-to-back without stopping, but by the end of season 28 the show will have logged an astounding 625 episodes in an era when most shows are grateful to break 100. But of course, The Simpsons is not most shows.

Sure, you might be among the fans who think of the show as a shadow of its former self now, but honestly at this point it would be a little weird if we couldn’t watch new episodes of The Simpsons on Sunday nights anymore. The show’s not just a record-setter. It’s eternal. It’s the Highlander of cartoons … you know, with donuts instead of Sean Connery.