Because our brains are simply not sophisticated enough, someone has done the great humanitarian service of creating a search engine that lets you to search any (any!) Simpsons quote from the first 15 seasons — and within seconds, it delivers a screenshot of the exact moment it occurred in the show.

That’s three million screenshots, people. Just take a moment to consider how this will change your life.

The search engine is called Frinkiac, and despite Homer Simpson’s advice to the contrary, it is by all counts a labor of love that no doubt took some hard work. You can read more about what’s under the hood here.

Frinkiac is a wonder to behold. We could talk about it more, but that time is probably better spent surfing Frinkiac (for crying out glaven).

P.S. It took a LOT of strength to write about this and not include a deluge of memes. So much strength.