It’s always seemed like everyone either currently loves or has loved The Simpsons at some point, so you’ll all be delighted to discover that the Springfield beloveds have their own music subgenre now — and it’s not a merchandising gimmick for once. Actually, it’s not even really their music. What’s happened is the Simpsons have become the royal family of vaporwave.

“Simpsonwave,” in its infinite childhood summer glory, is the easiest way to lose an hour right now and I have the subreddit to prove it. It’s just hypno-spacey tracks cruising alongside bonked-out video clips of old Simpsons episodes and it makes me want to retroactively get high in the ‘90s. If I had time travel at my disposal, that’s honestly what I’d use it for at the moment (after stopping in the ‘60s to score said drugs to see if the hippies really had the recipes down).

The whole thing started with this vine by Spicster.

And then everyone realized we’d all watch this forever. So it poured over to YouTube with themed scene collections, full tracks, and a serious dose of wonkiness and instantly became this year’s best timesuck of a trend.

But what gets me (in all the right places) about Simpsonwave is that it’s inherently silly. It removes any and all jokes your most jockbot of a friend of a friend could toss at you like an empty beer can during rush week. Everybody’s at least soooome degree down with The Simpsons, so any pretentiousness that inevitably clings to anything-wave musicians, whether by their own design or an outsider’s take, evaporates upon impact. Simpsonwave is simultaneously the weirdest thing to get into while proving the most inclusive.

So get strange and ride the Simpsonwave with me (and everybody you know). I already started your playlist.