It wasn’t until 2008 that Formula One took up with modern Singapore, breaking new ground at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and introducing the first night race to the F1 game. A half decade on and the Singapore Grand Prix has become a diamond stop in the Formula One circuit. A true star in a season of highlights, it attracts the attendance of thrill-seeking racing fans and attention-seeking celebutantes alike, all of them packing into the Marina Bay area to get in on the action. And it all goes down this weekend, September 20-22, 2013.

With so much cash flowing through the bay during the Singapore Grand Prix, it’s no wonder the event has become something of a stomping ground for the playboys of the world—they seem to leave a new party, hotel or club of untold exclusivity in their well-heeled wake. And you don’t have to ask us twice to jump in the pit with that crowd.

In celebration of the September 27 release of Ron Howard’s latest epic film, Rush, we’ve compiled a rundown of the best nightlife the Singapore Grand Prix has to offer. Gentlemen, fill your engines. It’s gonna be a long one. Click the Party Pit Stops in red to read more.CLICK TO READ MORE Marina Bay Sands Amber Lounge Padang Stage Podium Lounge 1-Altitude Marina Bay Sands

Perched between the circuit and the bay itself, the Marina Bay Sands offers the perfect combination of accommodations, nightlife and lookout. The trio of towers is bridged by the Eden-like Ku Dé Ta night club overlooking the track, giving you a party with an eagle-eye view of the race. And you won’t have to stray far for another party, with the lower-level club, Avalon, hosting a different party for each night of the event. This year, the proceedings go under the name Cirque Le Soir, so you know you’re in for something eye-popping. Not your bag? You can exit the Sands directly onto the Grand Prix grounds.

Photo courtesy of Someformofhuman.Amber Lounge

Speaking of the circus, Amber Lounge is the only party that quite literally follows the F1 around the world, setting up camp at the highest-profile stops to throw a weekend extravaganza in each location. In Singapore, the Grand Prix’s VIP in crowd (celebs, musicians and their wealthier hangers-on) huddles inside a bespoke venue that features unknown volumes of champagne, minimum $6,000 table fees and a custom waterfall. The height of exclusivity if you’ve got cash to burn. Keep an eye out for F1 champions past, present and future.Padang Stage

For the slightly more pedestrian playboys, the Singapore Grand Prix pulls out all the stops to provide world-class entertainment. Take an hour or so each night to stop by the Padang Stage, cordoned off inside the Marina Bay Street Circuit itself, to catch up with the top of the pop world before heading out for a night on the town. This year check out larger-than-life sets from The Killers and Barbadian diva Rihanna. Another billboard pop star will be in attendance for closing night, but that’s on Monday, and we do Belieb we’ll be on our flight home by then. Baby, no.

Photo courtesy of NRK P3 on Flickr.The Podium Lounge

If pop stars don’t rock you, you needn’t leave the circuit to find a party more suited to your Grand Prix needs. The Podium Lounge—located in the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore—throws a pool party like no other, complete with three nights of fashion shows and world-renowned DJs spinning disco-inflected house music for the glitzy attendees. With such a central location, you may have to lean in to hear the beautiful woman next to you speak over the squealing tires. What a world.1-Altitude

As if one rooftop party locale wasn’t enough, we’re including an arguably more famous one. 1-Altitude offers a smaller, more intimate setting—no pop-up party extravagance or Gatsby-level grandstanding—with a view that brings you as close to the action as any man can get from 63 stories above the track. Mix and mingle with the low-key Grand Prix crew—probably the coolest people to roll with, if you ask us—and look way down for the car in the lead.

Photo courtesy of Reggiewan on Flickr.