If you’re looking to get your bionic futuresoldier competitive gaming on but you’re not interested in dishing out the full $60 when you only want to play online, publisher Activision has a deal for you: it’ll sell you just the multiplayer part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for $15.

Called the Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Starter Pack, the purchase gives you a truncated version of the full Black Ops 3 package of PC. Activision released a huge rundown of details, but the gist is that you get ranked multiplayer matches and a few other modes like the “free running” portion, where you complete time trials by running on walls and leaping through the air with your special sci-fi gear. What you don’t get is pretty substantial: There’s no single-player story mode, and you can’t play the extensive and pretty cool Zombies mode, either.

It seems like Activision is trying out this cheaper babysteps version of Black Ops 3 for a limited time to gauge interest, so if you want to check it out the game for a lower price, you’ve only got until the end of February to do it. And if you want to add some Law & Order: SVU flavor to your shooting of bad guys, you can upgrade to the full “Starring Christopher ‘Officer Stabler’ Meloni” version of Black Ops 3 for a fee at any time.

Via Polygon.