Normally, I’m not a fan of prank videos. For starters, I don’t trust them. I always just assume that it’s all set up and these people actually know each other. Call me cynical or a call me too big of a skeptic, but I just have a hard time believing the extent of some of these “viral” prank videos. Furthermore, I really don’t like the type of pranks that just mess with people for no reason. Pranks can be done tastefully and be funny, but to go into a low-income neighborhood and step on someone’s shoes or pretend to fart on someone… well, that deserves a punch in the face.

This is a better type of prank video. Rather than illicit violence or negative reactions, Smooth Pranks uses a hot girl, Angel, to put people in an awkward situation.

This prank video tip-toes the line for me. On the one hand, I’m all for a sexy girl showing off her butt, even if it is “by mistake”. I like the premise and I enjoyed watching people’s reactions. The only part that bothers me, though, is her forcing of the issue. The whole “Excuse me, were you looking at me? Are you sure? You weren’t looking at me?” part sort of tarnishes it for me because it starts to feel forced. Getting a reaction out of someone is one thing, but forcing it out of them is when it becomes annoying. Regardless, this video is worth a watch. In fact, it’s worth multiple watches.

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