Everyone brings their phone to concerts, whether to text the descriptions of everyone around them so their friend can find them in the labyrinth or to repeatedly film 10-second increments of blown-out garbage-quality tunage to post on Snapchat. But you need to be smart about it.

See, if you’re using your phone, you better make it quick. And even then, you better not be in the front row. And if you do take a while using your phone, and you are in the front row, you better make sure it’s not a Slipknot concert—because frontman Corey Taylor will slap that stupid phone out of your hand (if not pour water on you and your phone, like he’s been known to do).

Such was the case of a fan who made the poor decision to be looking down at his screen instead of the entire performance in front of him. When Taylor caught sight of that, he fiercely leaned in like a tenured professor and slapped the bewildered dude’s device to the ground. But the fan didn’t wonder why for a second.

TAYLOR: “It’s actually funny. Afterward, the dude totally understood the fuck-up and we laughed together.”

The best is actually the follow-up here. When a fan pointed out in a tweet that some concert-goers may be texting for emergency situations unbeknownst to the band, Taylor responded, “Okay, but it doesn’t mean that I, with a broken neck and still playing a show, can’t get pissed that someone’s ignoring it.”