It’s amazing how much things improve with slow-motion. It makes sports replays better, it makes action sequences more exciting and it makes any action a woman does 10 times sexier. Here are 20 slow-mo GIFs of girls doing amazing things.

1. Who doesn’t love a little bounciness?

2. The only reason we ever like running

3. That latex does not look comfortable

4. Best of both worlds

5. She went through quite the workout

6. She could captain our boat any time she wants

7. Alison Brie should get paid per gif-able moment

8. Tennis, anyone?

9. She learned a valuable water balloon lesson

10. Elmo never looked better

11. Good form

12. That’s an interesting sports bra

13. And people think glitter is trashy

14. Kate Upton can do more than the Cat Daddy

15. Love the view from behind

16. She’s just testing out the bra

17. Technically, everything in Zero G is slow motion

18. She’s just showing off

19. Jumping for joy

20. Hopefully she wasn’t sleeping…