THE HERO, $650
Straight out of Tony Stark’s lab comes the G-Shock GWA1100. Built for extreme conditions, with digital compass, 200-meter water resistance, solar-power charging and antiglare sapphire glass, it will have you ready for dogfights and dog walks alike.

Connect the ­Pebble to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the customizable screen will display incoming e-mails, texts and caller ID. Plus, its 5,000 apps put a bike computer, golf range finder and more at your fingertips. It even tells time.

Leave your ­personal trainer in the dust with the ­Garmin Forerunner 10’s smarter approach to fitness. An integrated GPS puts stats such as calories burned, run pace and distance a click away; it even pauses while you catch your breath, sans insults.

THE CEO, $299
The Martian Passport’s sleek frame conceals powerful technology capable of beaming texts, e-mails and more from your phone. The built-in mike and speaker let you take calls right on your wrist. It’s Q on line one, Mr. Bond.