Smash Mouth Singer Steve Harwell was bombarded with bread during a performance at the Taste of Fort Collins street festival in Colorado this weekend and, holy hell, he did not care for it.

In the fan-shot video above, you can hear Harwell laying out a furiously profanity-packed rant.

The bread, a free party favor and delicious projectile from the festival’s vendors, becomes the bane of Harwell’s existence for a good three minutes. Meanwhile, the rest of the band tries to move on, with the guitar riff for “All Star” playing throughout the perplexing situation. But there’s no going back for Harwell. No way. Instead, he just keeps inviting the culprit to “walk [his] bad ass up here.”

After no one (unsurprisingly) owns up to the catapults, Harwell dares—almost demands—the “asshole” throw just one more thing, so he can find the concert-goer and unremorsefully “beat the fuck out of [him].”

Finally, it appears Harwell spots someone who’ll pass as the offender, sets down his mic, and starts marching into the crowd with fierce determination. Security steps in, however, and persuades him back on stage.

But after the crowd cheerfully sings the first verse of “All-Star” while Harwell stews, the singer comes back for the chorus.