With the enormous diversity of brews coming out of America’s current craft beer renaissance, it’s a shame that our beertails are still largely based on the bland light-lagers of decades past. We wanted to solve that problem by featuring some of our favorite beertails, this week we have one where Mexico and America make nice.

Although it combines the holy trinity of a forgotten Tijuana bender—lemon, jalapeño and mezcal—the Smoking Hops manages to accent the best parts of a spicy-hopped double IPA without ever overpowering it. Tart, sharp, and intertwined with a snakebite of heat and lingering smokiness, we recommend one of these beertails to combat cold weather, two for a taste of playful weekend masochism, or three if you plan on waking up with a black eye.

1 shot mescal
¼ of a jalapeño, slivered
Juice from 1/3 of a lemon
10 oz. spicy-hopped double IPA— Suggestions: Bear Republic’s Café Racer 15, Tree Brewing’s Tree Hophead Double IPA, or Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
Muddle the jalapeño, mescal, and lemon juice in a highball glass or flute. Add 4-6 cubes of ice, top with double IPA, and garnish with a slice of lemon.