Snapchat just went public today, with the trading starting at $24 a share on the New York Stock Exchange, rising almost 41 percent from its pricing at the open. Now, potential investors are beginning to ask, “What’s next?”

Turns out they may be looking into 360-degree camera technology and an app-connected drone as a way to woo people to their digital garden.

Despite recent slow user acquisition growth due to increased competition from Instagram and other apps in the photo and chat space, Snap is plodding forth this week toward an impressive early IPO valuation of $24 billion. This also means that potential stock owners want to know how the company plans to make that stock go up in value, which, in the world of apps and personal technology, means creating new revenue streams on top of a growing user base.

The company has positioned itself as a camera company, and their recent launch of Spectacles certainly backs that up. As the company looks for more revenue streams and ways to attract people to its platform, it’s been revealed that they’re looking at 360-degree cameras as a potential option.

360-videos aren’t quite VR, but they do allow you to look around inside a video and photo. Say, for instance, you were to post a 360-degree Snap selfie with some friends, and your other friends who couldn’t be there could get the next best thing, looking around and feeling as if they’re there.

According to Techcrunch, Snap has already met with a camera developer who specializes in 360 and stereoscopic cameras, who they say is in the process of pitching them new hardware options that the company could sell in addition to their Spectacles camera glasses.

Whatever happens, Snap will soon need to be much more public about its growth plans, and 360 video could be a decent bet for a company looking to cash in on your FOMO and make more money for their investors.