We are all for being into your kicks, but when you are going so far as to smell like a pair of sneakers, that’s probably a good sign you’ve taken things too far.

Fragrance company Xyrena recently released its new parfum Factory Fresh that recreates the scent of a new pair of sneakers. According to Xyrena, Factory Fresh has “notes of rubber sole, leather, and textile” and can be used either as a traditional cologne on your body or sprayed inside a pair of not-so-fresh smelling shoes.

While there certainly is something to be said for unboxing a new pair of sneakers and breathing in the aroma, knowing they will never be that fresh again, it’s hard to imagine walking around all day with that scent emanating from your body. Then, we do live in a world where rappers lick sneakers and others dip them in paint. So maybe smelling like a pair isn’t that strange after all. It’s certainly no weirder than wanting to smell like Alec Baldwin.