If there is one thing Snoop Dogg shows off proudly on social media (besides his joint rolling skills ) it’s his sock game. So it made sense for the doggfather to colab with Swedish brand Happy Socks this summer for a unique collection only Snoop himself could concoct. And since he already made custom cleats for Adidas, socks seemed like a logical pairing.

The collection is called “The Art of Inspiration” and draws from Snoop’s love for painting, and of course, for weed. The Snoop collection features cartoon-eyes drawn by Snoop himself, rasta-inspired pot leaves and a bandana pattern with “Gin” on one foot and “Juice” on the other. Because who wouldn’t want to rep his classic 90s rap song on their feet?

Snoop’s collection isn’t officially available until November 1, but it’s now available to pre-order.

Snoop Dogg Stripes & Plants, $15

Snoop Dogg Painter, $15

Snoop Dogg Gin & Juice, $15

Snoop Dogg Box Set, $45