Nature series like Planet Earth have a reputation for notably distinguished narration, with British naturalist Sir David Attenborough being the definitive voice. It was even a bit surprising when Sigourney Weaver, an American, narrated it (though she killed the gig). So imagine how jaw-droppingly wild it’d be if it was Snoop Dogg explaining the Animal Kingdom to you. Well, as of now, the petition to see that happen is nearing its 50,000 goal of signatures.

Based on a Jimmy Kimmel bit called “Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg” (seen above), fans are piling on their names to the petition. Launched by Kelly Ooton only two weeks ago, the entire pitch sounds like it’d come halfway through a house party: “Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes. Sign the petition if you agree.”

And Snoop Dogg himself is in.

Here’s a few more bites to get you prepped for the meal that everyone’s hoping comes to fruition.