Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently announced that he’s stepping down July 1st. Co-founder Jack Dorsey will take over as temporary chief. From there, for the long haul, it could be Snoop Dogg.

The Long Beach rapper launched his informal campaign for the position earlier this week.

And he already has a solid business plan.

But while jokes with the tag #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO delighted the rapper, Snoop has supporters in Silicon Valley. Box CEO Aaron Levie is definitely on board.

And so is Levie’s mother, it turns out.

The entertainer, with singles like “Boss’ Life" and albums called Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss, has already diversified his portfolio in 20+ years of media experience. Dude’s done a dozen-plus albums, more than 25 films, and several TV shows. Most recently, Snoop became an angel investor to boot, says MarketWatch.

How stoked would his buddies Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker be about his new position?

Zuck, Snoop, and Parker

Zuck, Snoop, and Parker

The Doggfather is the CEO this country needs and deserves.