Message to xbox1 n ea server fix your shit or playstation here we come 👿👿✨🌟🏈

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“Fix yo shit, man.”

That was Snoop Dogg’s message to Bill Gates after an Xbox Live failure on Tuesday made it impossible to play Xbox One games online. Everybody who owns an Xbox was annoyed, but Snoop perfectly summed up those frustrations with this Instagram post.

The Xbox Live outage sprung up last night, affecting basically everything related to games, from matchmaking to leaderboards and cloud storage. Xbox Live’s support team posted a message stating it was aware of the issues, but it was Snoop’s message that was the really poignant take.

The folks at Xbox got the Live issue sorted in the evening, about seven hours later, but by then, it seems, the damage was done. Snoop posted the message a second time last night, but with a new caption: “Xbox 1 fucking sucks online yes i said it ps4 here we come. Ceo. Hit my peoples up we done with xbox.”

Once again, Sony benefits from Microsoft’s mistakes. Keep those servers running, folks.

Via Polygon.