Every Star Wars fan remembers the moment they first saw a Star Destroyer in pursuit of Princess Leia’s ship in the very first film, and how it seemed to not only dwarf the smaller vessel, but also completely cover the screen. It looked like a flying city. Then in The Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas and company revealed that even that massive ship was tiny compared to the might of a Super Star Destroyer. Next to the Death Star, it’s the biggest structure in the Star Wars galaxy.

So, just how big is it? Reddit user movielover278 created the image of above, which reveals that the Super Star Destroyer really is a flying city, as it’s roughly the size of Manhattan. Now, if you remember the final battle in Return of the Jedi, you know that this very ship was shown crashing into the Death Star, and that the Death Star positively dwarfed it.

So, if a Super Star Destroyer is the size of Manhattan, and it looks like that compared to the Empire’s deadly space station, just how big is the Death Star?