Unfortunately, all soccer can’t be as awesome as the US Women’s Team World Cup win, but Rocket League at least tries. Because it’s soccer played with cars. Yup.

Part demolition derby, part best-loved sport in the entire world, Rocket League is a crazy multiplayer title in which cars do backflips and goals get scored by blasting the ball across the field. It lets you fire up games with up to seven other players online, sports two-player split screen, and lets you take on AI-controlled bots in exhibition mode if you’d rather play alone.

Rocket League also provides some nutso soccer moves, like jumping your car, driving up walls and boosting for extra speed, and smashing other cars to stop them from scoring is part of the chaos. Basically, imagine playing Mario Kart with the Batmobile. But also soccer.

Rocket League hits PC and Playstation 4 today, and if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber, you can nab it for free. On PS4 you also get access to Sweet Tooth, the murderous ice cream truck from the Twisted Metal series.