On Instagram yesterday, Modern Family star Sofia Vergara posted a throwback pic of herself wearing a yellow thong bikini. Vergara got her start as a model, and she is stunning in the photo, which was taken in Miami Beach. She hashtagged the pic #thegoodtimes, which she describes as “when I didn’t know my 2 favorite things were bad for u! Sun and transfats.” In the caption, she jokes that both things made her butt look great.

Vergara, 44, has made it clear in interviews that she takes better care of herself nowadays. In February, the Columbian-American actress told Self, “I started using sunblock when I was very young on my face. I regret that I didn’t know that you should put it also on your chest and neck.“ As for what she eats, Vergara told the L.A. Times that she sticks to a strict diet and fitness routine Monday through Friday. “I like to feel the best I can.”

Vergara’s caption for another recent Instagram mentions a photo shoot for Women’s Health magazine, so chance are, we’ll hear more soon about how she stays in such good shape.

The actress just returned from a trip to Rome, where she was shooting the movie Bent, which also stars Karl Urban and Andy Garcia. She looks as gorgeous as ever in her photos from the set:

Last night shooting in Rome😩😩😩😩#Bentmovie

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Italian fragola 🍓🍓 mi piace!!! #Bentmovie

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