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Sofia Vergara Wishes She Had Fake Boobs, But We Have to Disagree

Sofia Vergara Wishes She Had Fake Boobs, But We Have to Disagree: Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

Sofia Vergara has earned critical acclaim for her performance as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the ABC hit comedy Modern Family. She’s also earned acclaim from men everywhere for being unbelievably hot. So it’s no surprise that Vanity Fair put the Colombian-American actress on its cover of the May issue. But Vergara’s interview does offer some unexpected insights.

In her interview with the mag, Vergara discusses the problems with having her natural breasts. She says, “‘My boobs are, like, huge.’ She gives a representation of said hugeness with her hands. 'My whole life, buying a bra was a nightmare. What I used to do when I moved to L.A., I found places like Frederick’s of Hollywood that make bras for [strippers].’”

Instagram, @sofiavergara

Instagram, @sofiavergara

She then adds, “'Believe me, I wish I had fake boobs. I lay down and they completely go down like all the way, like here.’ Another representation with her hands. 'It’s not fun.’”

We think we’re going to disagree on that one. If she had fake boobs, we wouldn’t have moments like this:

Or this:

That looks pretty fun to us.

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.

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