Pokemon Go is what everyone’s playing, but if you’re looking for a deeper experience with a whole bunch of new Pokemon, you need to get excited about this year’s two new Nintendo 3DS games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. That’s where all the new pocket monsters are showing up, including a couple that seem like they were inspired by designers looking around the room they were in, spotting a random object, and turning it into an adorable cartoon creature.

Case in point: the newly announced “Comfey,” a Pokemon that is literally a Hawaiian lei. As in, a necklace made of flowers. But alive, like an animal, and capable of fighting other animals.

Nintendo showed off a handful of new Pokemon in the trailer above, and luckily they’re not all former inanimate objects. But Pokemon games do have a history of creating really random-seeming animals. My favorite example: Klefki, a Pokemon that is a key ring. Somebody with a hangover and a deadline invented that guy.

In addition to the shots of the newly announced Pokemon in the trailer above (including Mimikyu, a Pokemon who wears what looks like a garbage bag drawn on with crayon and who pretends to be a Pikachu), you can see a little more of the new guys in action in this Japanese trailer.

Via Kotaku