The Fallout games feature huge open worlds with tons of locations, quests, characters and enemies—but some players make it their goal to blast through as quickly as possible, skipping everything and even exploiting glitches to finish the game in as little time as they can manage.

These speedrunners look to set records for the fastest time through a game, and there’s now a new one for the colossal Fallout 3: 14 minutes, 54 seconds, 71 hundredths of a second. Set by YouTuber Rydou, it tops the previous record of 15 minutes.

You can see Rydou’s record-breaking “any%” run, which means just about any in-game means of time-trimming and stuff-skipping is permitted, in the video above. It not only shows how to artfully avoid actually playing basically any part of the game, it also details how various cheats, glitches, bugs and optimizations work along the way. It’s worth noting that players have dumped hundreds of hours into Fallout 3, but even if they only complete the main story of the game and not its many sidequests and diversions—as Rydou’s speedrun does—it still takes normal people tens of hours to accomplish.

As PC Gamer points out, the previous record of 15 minutes held for less than two months, so this seconds-trimming blast will probably be surpassed before long as well. Still, if you’re the kind of person who plays video games like a mere mortal, speedruns such as Rydou’s are always impressive for their brand of digital sorcery.