Long ago, a great evil menaced the land of Hyrule: three The Legend of Zelda games from the early ’90s, developed by people other than Nintendo for the obscure Philips CD-i system, that are just absolutely terrible.

Way back in 1994, Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure came into existence thanks to some sticky negotiations and business deals between electronics maker Philips and Nintendo. Philips was set to make a CD-driven component for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but Nintendo backed out—leaving Philips with rights to make a Mario game and some Zelda titles for their own platform. They are all pretty disastrous.

But lest we forget the Zelda games that were based on the equally terrible TV show and included some pretty sad animation and voice acting, YouTuber C4DNerd has taken up the mantle of revitalizing the games in 3D. Or at least, C4DNerd created a trailer for an HD update of the titles, capturing some of their greatest cutscenes in glorious 1998 graphical quality.

The whole trailer is pretty amazing, but it’s much better when you compare it to the actual cutscenes from these actual games, which were actually made by actual humans. Check them out below.

Via Kotaku