Minecraft is magic. People have created models of famous architecture and fictional places in the game, and now someone’s making a working Game Boy inside Minecraft, complete with playable Pokémon.

Redditor Magib1 has spent the last two months slowly recreating the Nintendo Game Boy and a version of 1996’s Pokémon Red, as Kotaku reports. The construction is complex—the Game Boy uses Minecraft’s “command blocks” and “redstone power” and layers and layers of blocks and a bunch of other interesting in-game workings that are hard to understand if you’re not a dedicated player. Suffice to say, making a working video game inside another working video game is kind of an amazing feat.

So far, Magib1 has created a rendition of part of the game map, as well as walking animations, so basically the state right now is that you can walk around in this Inception version of Pokémon and it looks pretty convincing. Magib1 is also throwing in the complete Pokédex, which is the catalogue of all the Pokémon creatures in the game, which in and of itself seems like an insane undertaking.

Magib1 estimates there are still probably three or four months of work ahead to completely recreate Pokémon Red in its proper glory. There’s more explanation about the process and how it all works here, if you’re not the kind of person whose head that would go straight over. The rest of us can be content with building modest houses, finding the occasional diamond block and getting blown up by creepers.