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Someone Designed a ‘Mobile Private Island’ for Billionaires Too Cool for Yachts

Someone Designed a ‘Mobile Private Island’ for Billionaires Too Cool for Yachts: Migaloo Private Submarines

Migaloo Private Submarines

Rich people have reached peak ridiculousness.

As if luxury yachts weren’t already pushing the limits of opulence, design firm Migaloo Private Submarines has dreamed up Kokomo Ailand, a floating vessel similar to a yacht, but more like a buoyant man-made island. Renderings show that the “private floating habitat” features multiple decks, a sky-high penthouse suite, a helipad and a beach club.

According to Business Insider, Migaloo has yet to recieve an order for this creation, but Kokomo can be built to specification immediately—with existing technology—and “the price depends strongly on the client’s wishes.”

For the record, Migaloo also engineers “exclusive private submersible superyachts,” which is apparently a thing that exists.

01 part-massive-yacht-part-private-island-kokomo-ailand-has-all-the-trappings-of-a-luxury-resort
03 eight-engines-allow-the-mammoth-platform-to-chug-along-at-speeds-up-to-8-knots-or-about-9-mph-1
04 one-of-the-most-exotic-features-is-the-jungle-deck
05 it-includes-palm-trees-vertical-gardens-and-waterfalls
06 theres-also-a-spa-deck-with-a-gym-a-massage-parlor-and-beauty-salons
07 the-garden-deck-is-reserved-for-outdoor-dining-and-lounging
08 the-real-draw-is-the-beach-deck-replete-with-multiple-pools-barbecue-areas-underwater-dining-a-shark-feeding-station-and-an-outdoor-cinema
09 designed-with-infinity-pools-and-private-balconies-the-vip-and-guest-deck-is-under-the-beach-deck
10 a-helipad-allows-easy-entry-and-exit-to-the-island

H/T Business Insider

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