In a rather mysterious online auction sale, the one-of-a-kind album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin by Wu-Tang Clan has been sold for an undisclosed sum. All we know is that it was an American buyer who bought the album for “millions,” according to Forbes. Wu-Tang fans don’t mess around.

The album, encased in a pretty badass engraved silver and nickel box, comes with leather-bound liner notes and hopefully an invisibility cloak or an elixir granting the buyer the ability to walk on water. But what the album comes in isn’t exactly what Wu-Tang fans really care about; it’s more about the fact that the record was recorded secretly and isn’t commercially available. Oh, and the only known tease of the album features Cher.

And seriously, you won’t be getting your hands on this album. Ever. It was reported that Once Upon a Time in Shaolin won’t be available for wide release for at least 88 years. I know — the mystery.

H/T Pitchfork