American Ninja Warrior has been airing for seven seasons without ever having to dole out its $1 million prize. That means people have watched six seasons of a show that culminated in disappointing loss.

But that’s all over now: In the season seven finale, someone has finally summoned the superhuman strength and skill required to beat Warrior’s insane obstacle course, and he’s a busboy slash rock climber named Isaac Caldiero.

Caldiero wasn’t the first to complete the obstacle course, however—he was the second. The first to summit that peak was another season seven competitor, Geoff Britten, who also finished the course in last night’s finale. Britten clocked in at three more seconds than Caldiero and won zero dollars.

While seeing Caldiero destroy the obstacle course is jaw-dropping, the most unbelievable part of the finale comes at the close. Britten watches a million dollars vanish in front of his eyes, and the camera catches him smiling and saying “That’s awesome” to the people around him.