You know, I like to consider myself a pretty dedicated Star Wars nerd. I know the movies more-or-less by heart, I’m buying the Marvel Comics right now, and on the day that merchandise launched for the upcoming The Force Awakens, I went out and bought myself a little die cast model of the Millennium Falcon to celebrate. I look at it now, a few feet from my desk, and think “Yeah, I’m a Star Wars nerd.”

One thing you can always count on when you’re a nerd, though, is that there’s always a bigger nerd, and that was definitely proven last week when an anonymous bidder put down $96,000 at an auction to purchase the famous gold bikini worn by Princess Leia in 1983’s Return of the Jedi. That’s right, someone put down nearly one hundred grand for that costume responsible for so many nerdy sexual awakenings, and I bet it’s not even their size.

As massive as the final selling price of the bikini was, though, it wasn’t the most expensive item at the auction. That honor went to a miniature of Leia’s Blockade Runner, the very first ship ever seen in Star Wars (you know, the one from that amazing opening shot). Bidding for the model started at $200,000 and wrapped up at an astonishing $450,000.

Like I said, there’s always someone out there who’s a bigger, and richer, nerd than you are.