Update: Providing video game company PR folks with a fun story for social media can often be a winning plan.

Imgur user GatorMacheteJr, otherwise known as Seth, updated his post from earlier this month confirming that his gambit—sending more than 11 pounds of bottlecaps, the currency of Fallout, to developer Bethesda in exchange for a copy of Fallout 4—actually worked.

Bethesda Softworks community manager Matt Grandstaff confirmed as much over Twitter while sharing photos of the beer-scented fortune, and Seth said he was told Bethesda would be sending him a copy of the game when it’s released in November.

Unfortunately for heavy drinking Fallout fans, it sounds like this is a stunt that’s only going to work once. So either stop drinking and try a new plan, or continue drinking out of sadness that someone else came up with this one before you did.

Original story below…

When the world ends, money becomes meaningless and only the strong survive. That’s probably why one Fallout fan has been hoarding the currency of the game series’ Wasteland: bottlecaps.

But with the announcement of Fallout 4 last week, it seems the nuclear winter isn’t coming quite fast enough, so Imgur user GatorMacheteJr, otherwise known as Seth, decided to cash in his cap stash in an attempt to pre-order Bethesda Softworks’ next open-world RPG.

According to his post on the image site, Seth sent some 11.5 pounds of bottlecaps to Bethesda, on account of not really knowing what the cap-to-dollar exchange rate might be. He estimates he’s accumulated around 2,240 caps since the release of Fallout 3 seven years ago.

Game companies have been known to respond to goofy fan moves like this one, especially when they go viral on the Internet, and it seems Seth is making a not-so-subtle attempt to endear himself to Bethesda PR and pull down some free stuff. More power to him.

Hopefully for Seth’s sake, it won’t turn out that bartering at the end of the world will be done with bullets like in Metro 2033 instead of with bottlecaps.