The Fat Jew, probably known in at least one social circle as Josh Ostrovsky, is an infamous joke thief. Even worse, though, he’s an infamous joke thief who has made a somewhat lucrative career out of it. On Tuesday his book Money Pizza Respect came out. Today, some anonymous hero of the comedy world went ahead and screenshotted every page of the book and posted it in full to Twitter.

Here’s a picture of Sealfan78/updog7’s main tweet, which is already—and ironically—suspended and being reviewed for copyright issues.

The move is more than fitting, given how hard The Fat Jew’s built a legacy of finding jokes and posting them to his Instagram, sneakily never explicitly saying he didn’t come up with them. That was the case at least until recently, most likely since August when the entire internet went bezerk because of his signing to Creative Artists Agency (CAA). He’s since gotten better about creator credit for the jokes he lifts, which continue to make up nearly his whole feed.

Before the uproar’s climax, The Fat Jew acted like the very complicated Internet that allowed him to steal so many priceless works of comedy art in the first place would never, ever in a million years be capable of leading him to the actual source. When he would get caught in individual instances, where the joke’s creator would specifically call him out, he’d offer up a breezy and surprised, “Oh, sorry, found it on a blog/Twitter/somewhere that’s 100% not my own brain. My bad.” But then he’d keep doing it.

You have to wonder. Does he have a reputation for doing this in other facets of life? Does this dude just steal people’s sculptures, and when he inevitably gets caught, just shrugs it off with a mumbling, “Aw, sorry, didn’t know it was yours. Just found it in a well-tended garden in someone’s front yard, ya know?”

In truth, it’s way more bogus than that, since it’s really more like him stealing sculptures from an actual sculptor and then selling them to highest bidders and largely making a name for himself as a wondrous sculptor himself.

And he’s been doing this for so long.

In May, ran an article by Rob Fee called “Why Stealing Jokes on Social Media is a Bigger Deal Than You Think” (Note: The Fat Jew went back through his Instagram account and finally offered attribution, hence why some posts called out for no credit now feature creator links). But it lays out what’s at stake when you steal jokes from people who are trying to make a living as a comedian.

Anyway, read Sealfan78/updog7’s new book, out today!